Looking Like We've Got It Going On -
The other day while driving I saw a pretty young lady in the car heading toward me waving and smiling. You might think I get that a lot but I don’t. Seriously. Well, anyway, for a fleeting moment I thought I still got it going on. Turns out it was my niece. Oh well, the feeling was good – while it lasted. Search Engine Optimization is kind of like that. When Google sends out their spider to crawl your website you want them to think your website has it going on. You want them to smile and wave and better yet put your website at the top of the search results for everyone else to find. Google doesn’t like websites that don’t appear to have anything going on. A static site that is just parked out there and never updated doesn’t look any better than I do when I first get up in the morning. What Google likes to see is not only relevant content that informs and engages the customer but fresh content and lots of people linking to your website since Google figures if it’s good enough for people to take the time to link to it then it must have something going on. Likewise with social media indicators. If people are “liking” both your Facebook page and your website, giving you a Google +1, posting about you on Pinterest, and otherwise indicating your site has value to them then Google will boost your rankings. So are we trying to game the system and fool Google into thinking we’ve got something going on when we don’t? Not really. You might have an awesome website but just don’t have the time to learn how to boost your appeal with the Googlebots that will be crawling your website. (Sounds creepy, but it’s a good thing really). Yes, some companies do game the system and go overboard by buying backlinks and Google has finally figured out how to penalize those sites. What we do want to do is do what people do who have the time to promote their site, which for some may involve several hours a day. Well those people don’t have a business to run so have the time for that. You don’t. In order for you to promote your site you need to hire a professional like Kirbyworks SEO who knows what it takes to get ranked and is able to do it, with a little help from your financial resources of course. We are simply doing what you might be doing if you knew how to do it and had the time and inclination to do it. The result is the same either way. You look good to Google and they figure you’ve got it going on and reward you with better search engine rankings. If you hire us you should expect the highest search engine rankings and the most return for your investment.