Kennewick Zip Code 8th Wealthiest In State -
I know this is off-topic, but I found it interesting that 99338 had the 8th highest median annual income for Washington state zip codes at about $72,000. Medina’s 98039 had the highest at $133,000. Bill Gates lives in Medina. Kennewick’s 99338 covers the area south of 10th and west of highway 395, including Rancho Riata and Badger Canyon. 99338 had the highest income in Eastern Washington, beating Colbert’s and Liberty Lake’s $61,000 annual incomes by a long shot. Colbert is about 10 miles northeast of Spokane and Liberty Lake is about 15 miles east. The Tri-City’s second highest income for a zip code was West Richland’s 99353 at $57,000.