Invitation To Bid -
I will be bidding on building a WordPress website for a manufacturer’s co-op that is looking to get discounts on products by pooling their purchases so as to be better able to compete with the larger corporations who have greater purchasing power and also be better able to buy American products and help our country’s employment problems. They hope to increase this purchasing power with their advertising as well, including their websites. They have over 100 members signed up so far and few of them even have websites. My plan is to build the co-op a website in which the members can create their own landing page per a template I will design. In addition, they will be able to add product pages and categories so the URL structure will be What I will need in the way of PHP programming is an automated product page creator in a password protected page of the co-op’s website. The UI will have the member fill in answers to fields such as “Product Title,” “Description,” and “Price” as well as landing page fields such as “Company Name”, “Products or Services”, and “Current Sale Items”. The co-op will need to charge the members on a per product basis so we will also need to have the number of product pages they create end up in a shopping cart and not be published until they have paid. These member pages will serve as a supplement to their own websites which I will be building as well and I may entertain the idea of building some of those with a similar templating system. Their pages that reside on the co-op website will benefit from the SEO we will be doing for the co-op website. Their will no doubt be improvements to this scheme but for now please bid on what I have provided. You can use the contact form below or email me at Please DO NOT reply with, “Hi, I’m so-and-so, please look at my portfolio.” I’m looking for bids here, not resumes. Thank you,