Ask The Right Questions When Internet Marketers Call
Misleading stats seems to be Standard Operating Procedure for internet marketing companies. I just got a call today from someone representing our local TV news station, KEPR, asking if I wanted to advertise my painting business on the TV station’s website for $150 per month. They got 165,000 “impressions” last month, which got translated into “165,000 people would have seen your banner ad last month,” according to the sales rep. Really? I asked if that was 165 people looking at their website 1000 times that month or 10,000 people looking at it 16 or 17 times that month. The sales rep said he wasn’t provided that information and wouldn’t even acknowledge I would be shooting in the dark if I signed up with him. Imagine that. That kind of information would be vital to me deciding how much exposure KEPR’s website would give my painting business. I can understand if that information just can’t be gotten but we’re talking the internet here, it would take their programmer about 10 or 15 minutes to set it up so such info would automatically get to the sales rep to share with those asking for it, or if they were really honest they would give that stat instead of the number of impressions, which at 165,000 does sound impressive. Why wouldn’t they provide that information? Either it would not help their cause or not enough people are asking for it, or both. Running a painting business I get calls like this all the time and I grill them for information I know they can provide if they really wanted to and tell them, as I told the young fellow calling from KEPR, that they are not doing their job and/or taking advantage of the ignorance of the people, or just plain lying. I don’t know if this young man had thought of it that way but I get the feeling that some salespeople, if they have a conscience, like their jobs a little less after talking to me. Oh well, I guess I’m doing my part to instill honesty in the sales profession if some marketing companies find it more difficult to hire sales staff because the honest ones don’t want to work for them.