I Have The Best Web Designers In The World Working For Me -
I don’t have them on payroll, but I do pay for what they have to offer, and it’s money well spent. They are the ones that produce the most gorgeous, feature rich WordPress themes available. You can see some of them (and imagine having one yourself) at places like: Ten Best WordPress Themes 2012 60 Best Responsive WordPress Themes 50 Best WordPress Themes Showcase The Best Web Designers Are Making Premium Themes Sure, you could hire one of these world-class web designers to build you a website like one of these but you’re going to be paying around $6000 whereas I can build one for you for quite a bit less: $1800. That’s because through the magic of digital re-creation (file copying, in layman’s terms), they are able to produce thousands of copies of these themes after having created only one. A super talented web designer just isn’t going to work for $50 per hour, or even $150 per hour, if they can work a few months to develop a theme and make hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. I know that’s what I would be doing. Mass Production Makes Even More Sense With Digital Products Henry Ford introduced for us the benefits of mass production but with digital products the benefits are multiplied many times because of the relatively low cost of making more of the same. It’s quite often as easy as just clicking a button on a computer. WordPress is the world’s leader in bringing economy of scale in web design to the average business owner. 18% of all websites and more than half of the one million most visited websites run on WordPress. Fortunately for us, beautiful design does not have to be sacrificed in the process. I’ve put the best website designers in the world to work, so to speak, so you can enjoy what they have to offer, and your business can have a Cadillac website at Ford Pinto prices.