Have You Ever Been To Colorado? -
In 2006, the State of Colorado quadrupled its Tourism Department’s marketing budget, and saw the state’s profits from tourism reach record highs, which now continues year after year. This came after a decade of operating with a much smaller (occasionally non-existent) marketing budget, and results to match. So, the real question is: Why on earth did they wait through a decade of futility before cranking up their marketing spending again? The answer? I have no idea (other than sometimes government takes a while to act). Of course, we have the benefit of hindsight. We know that if they invest that money in the Tourism Department, a bunch more people will come and spend money in the state because it happened. But what good is hindsight — experience — if we never learn from it? We hear story after story, case study after case study, telling us marketing works if you just take that initial step of investment. This feels risky when it really isn’t. But it’s the idea that “what if it doesn’t work” that stops many business owners. You can’t think like that. Trust experience. Trust hindsight. Don’t let another nail-biting, brow-furrowing day go by. Because once you finally make that decision to market, you’ll look back and wonder why on earth you weren’t doing this all along. You know you’re going to market eventually, so let’s get your marketing rolling NOW, so you can enjoy the profits SOONER rather than later.