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HOLY SHIT! TEN YEARS ALREADY! How the web has changed...FOR THE WORSE! What was once the wild west is caught in a corporate stranglehold Tech Billionaires are the new super villians, butyouknowthisssss The Four-Loko Effect "drug tolerance partially results from an association between drug-paired stimuli and the drug… Growing concern for "pink death" drug Can Psychedelics "Cure" Gay People? Hospital Injected Intoxicated Woman With Ketamine, Enrolled Her in Clinical Trial Without Consent, Lawsuit Says 'It's the PCP': Man wearing only a towel arrested at shopping center Judge rules woman accused of setting fatal fire was too high on PCP to confess "I'm burning down the world. I'm God… DHS wants to use credit scores to determine who gets to be a legal U.S. resident. 1979 World Disco finals Why is