Elvis Presley – On Stage Drug Fueled Rant | SeMeN SPeRmS SuPeR SiTe
Elvis talks about karate, conspiracies about him, getting his black belt and even Fat Albert from 1974. httpv:// Amitriptyline: brand name Elavil; tricyclic antidepressant. Amytal (C-II [Schedule 2]): Amobarbital; sedative, hypnotic. Chlorpheniramine Maleate: antihistamine. Codeine (C-II): narcotic pain reliever, for moderate pain. Dalmane: brand-name for Flurazepam; for insomnia (which includes the sleeping disorders of frequently waking up, difficulty falling asleep, waking up early). Darvocet-N: brand-name for Propoxyphene/Acetaminophen combination; for mild to moderate pain. Demerol (C-II): brand-name for Meperidine Hydrochloride; narcotic analgesic; for moderate to severe pain. Dexedrine (C-II): brand-name for Dextroamphetamine; for short-term treatment for obesity. Dilaudid (C-II): generic name hydromorphone hydrochloride; narcotic analgesic; moderate to severe pain (burns, cancer, surgery). Empirin with codeine: aspirin/codeine phosphate; for mild