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..The Lost Boys Markos (Alex Winter) Jacket The heavily-customized denim jacket worn by Marko (Alex Winter) in the 1987 horror classic The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys is the story of teenage vampires and vampire hunters set in California. In the film, Marko wears this denim jacket that has been highly customized with a plethora of patches of accessories, such as rubber fishing lures...Parrot steals Scottish tourist's money in New Zealand"A Canadian couple walked by and said: 'We've just seen that bird take something out of your campervan'," Mr Leach laughed. Advertisement "It took all the money I had. I was left with $40 in my pocket." The unsuspecting tourist had stashed his travel cash - about $NZ1300 (about $A1100) - in a small cloth drawstring bag and left it on the dashboard, where the bird apparently found it while rummaging through other items. The kea grabbed the bag and made a clean aerial getaway...Unintentionally Hilarious Vintage Valentine's Day Cards! See the top 100 Risque,