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.. 'Population Bomb' scientist: 'Nobody' has the right to 'as many children as they want' "Overall, careful analysis of the prospects does not provide much confidence that technology will save us or that gross domestic product can be disengaged from resource use," the paper continued. The way to stop this is to "stop treating population growth as a 'given' and consider the nutritional, health and social benefits of humanely ending growth well below nine billion and starting a slow decline. This would be a monumental task, considering the momentum of population growth. Monumental, but not impossible if the political will could be generated globally to give full rights, education and opportunities to women, and provide all sexually active human beings with modern contraception and backup abortion."..Weberman, Hasidic Therapist, Is Sentenced to 103 Years for Child Sexual AbuseThe proceedings were closely watched, as this was the first high-profile case against child sexual abuse that the