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..✦ 1 million billion billion billion billion billion billion: Number of undiscovered drugsoccupied not by stars and planets but substances that could become useful in everyday life – has concluded that scientists have synthesized barely one tenth of 1 percent of the potential medicines that could be made. The report, in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, estimates that the actual number of these so-called "small molecules" could be 1 novemdecillion (that's 1 with 60 zeroes), 1 million billion billion billion billion billion billion, which is more than some estimates of the number of stars in the universe.✦ Bath Salts = Bad Idea [Infographic]Those of us who have been through a few media cycles of hysteria over the "latest drug menace" are always skeptical when the mainstream whips itself up into a fine frenzy over the newest chemical bug-a-boo threatening the citizenry. But even a stuck clock is right twice a day, and it appears that there's some substance behind the negative