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✖ Pizza too healthy? Try it with hot dog-stuffed crustHot dogs and pizza. Bacon and ice cream -- who says these tasty treats don't go great together? Despite the fact that the prevalence of obesity in England has more than doubled in the last twenty five years, Pizza Hut UK has rolled out a pizza with a Hot Dog Stuffed Crust. Described as a "succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust," the overstuffed pizza base is available across the pond for delivery with a "free mustard drizzle." ✖ Brazil cult members arrested for cannibalismBrazilian police announced Friday that they had arrested a man and two women on suspicion of having murdered and cannibalized at least two women in what was described as a purification ritual. The three defendants formed a sect called "Cartel" that seeks to purify the world and reduce the population, police spokesman Democrito Honorato from the northeastern Brazilian town of Guaranhuns told AFP.✖ Watch this news anchor get pelted with