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✪ Ron Jeremy exclusive: Will the condom law be a wrap for porn industry in L.A.?An HIV-positive adult film actor is hailing the Los Angeles City Council's final approval of a city law requiring condoms on porn sets - but veteran star Ron Jeremy thinks its dirty politics. Jeremy, originally from New York, told the Daily News he believes this week's vote is part of a larger effort to stamp out porn production in the industry's sunny San Fernando Valley home. "Performers don't mind wearing rubbers, but viewers don't want to see it. It ruins the fantasy," Jeremy said Wednesday. "This will force production to leave Los Angeles, and that's really what the supporters want," he claimed. The legendary lothario said local porn purveyors are already feeling the squeeze from a flood of overseas imports and low-budget, amateur productions - and new condom requirements will make competitive success even harder. He said mandatory, monthly STD testing - now the industry standard - is more than