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★ 2011 Worst Police Misconduct Video of the Year Reader's PollOnce again it's time for our annual "Worst Police Misconduct Videos of the Year" reader's poll. Here we post some, but not all, of the over 80 videos associated with claims of police misconduct that we were able to present on our site in 2011. While some of the incidents tied to these videos did not occur in 2011, the videos for those reports weren't released to the public until this year so they are included.★ Deaths From Terrorism Compared To Other ThingsHere are the chances of a few things killing you in the US compared:Terrorism ------------------------ 1 in 3,500,000Tobacco ------------------------- 1 in 726All Accidents ------------------- 1 in 2,500Alcohol --------------------------- 1 in 2827Cancer ---------------------------- 1 in 540★ Surfers to be tested for drugsIn the 1960s and 1970s, it was the counter culture's sport of choice. With the long hair and beach bum lifestyle came marijuana and LSD. But surfing is