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✰ Educators worried by rise of students who snort crushed candyA trend among some students to crush certain candy and snort or inhale it -- dubbed "Smoking Smarties" -- is causing concern among some drug educators. "It is not a narcotic of any sort. They are not getting high," said Carol Williams, project coordinator of the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition Project Safe Place Programs of Family Connection, Inc. "They are literally just inhaling sugar into their body." The students, often middle schoolers, crush candies such as Smarties or use already powdered candies such as Pixy Stix or powder drink packets such as KoolAid and snort them into their noses, Williams said. In some cases the students will crush a pack of candy and put the packet in their mouth and inhale and blow the fine granules out as if they were smoking. she said.✰ Afghanistan's Kandahar Airfield an alleged heroin hotbedThe accounts give a rare glimpse into how some NATO personnel and contractors seem to have gotten