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✰ Saudi Arabia's 'Anti-Witchcraft Unit' breaks another spell When the severed head of a wolf wrapped in women's lingerie turned up near the city of Tabouk in northern Saudi Arabia this week, authorities knew they had another case of witchcraft on their hands, a capital offence in the ultra-conservative desert kingdom. Agents of the country's Anti-Witchcraft Unit were quickly dispatched and set about trying to break the spell that used the beast's head. ✰ McD's customer throws ice cream, slaps employee Police say employees agreed to keep a woman's ice cream cake in the freezer for her, but she wasn't happy with the condition of the cake when it was returned. Police say the suspect actually slapped the employee after throwing the ice cream at the employee. ✰ Local real-estate agent accused of trafficking drugs inside a cat food bag Once considered a prominent member of Lake County's real-estate elite, Robert Lord Morris is now sitting in jail, accused of trafficking thousands of