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◆ Another New Study Shows That Filesharing Doesn’t Deter Artists From Making Music Further proof that the recording industry’s oft-repeated claims of the downfall of the entire music industry hold no water: a new report finding that filesharing has led directly to "reduced costs of bringing works to market and a growing role of independent labels." In other words, in the past decade, we have seen more music from independent outlets and at lower prices – something that consumers and music fans should all be happy about. ◆ Florida pill mills: Different drugs, same faces Ex-cons like Vinny Colangelo are barred from certain business pursuits. Felons can’t get a license in Florida as a pest-control operator. Colangelo can’t be a private detective or paramedic or title insurance agent or bail bondsman or labor union business agent. He can forget about employment with the Florida Lottery. Or qualifying as a notary. “In Florida, this guy couldn’t own a liquor store,” said Broward Sheriff Al