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✸ Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer ✸ Dead prisoner had flesh-eating disease in his testicles He was seen by doctors five times by Dec. 31. His last visit was over complaints about a swollen testicle. He was given codeine and ice pack treatments and not seen by a doctor again, despite a nurse's request. A nurse later reported a developing rash on Auger's scrotum and reported it to a doctor, who called saying he had no concerns. There was no blistering or peeling noted and no fever, before nurses went home on Jan 1. Guards noticed Auger was sleeping on the floor, but assumed the cool floor felt more comfortable on his swollen testicles, said the report. ✸ Accused subway pusher's bizarre sexuality The man on trial for pushing two kids in front of a Toronto subway train grew up having sex with his brother and farm animals, a psychiatrist testified Tuesday. ✸ An Almost Perfect Crime: Zookeeper Fired for Growing Cannabis in Rhino Enclosure An Austrian zoo has fired a zookeeper after discovering