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➪ U.S. targets bikers' identity In what he called an unprecedented move, O'Brien said he would seek to take control of the Mongols' name, which the gang has trademarked, through a restraining order barring them from wearing it. ➪ How to Raise Racist Kids ➪ Anti-Drinking Ads Induce More Drinking in Some People Health campaigns aimed at keeping teens and others from drinking and driving, smoking and other risky behaviors often use shame and guilt to get their messages across. But a new study finds anti-drinking ads can actually spur increased binge drinking for some audiences. "The situation is worse than wasted money or effort," said study researcher Adam Duhachek, a marketing professor at Indiana University. "These ads ultimately may do more harm than good, because they have the potential to spur more of the behavior they're trying to prevent." ➪ Station 7 by Jackson Potts II ➪ Young photography whiz’s art worries church The elders at Ecclesia Church were expecting something tame