Chirp | Scyanide Chatter
Description: Chirp is a dart game some buddies and I made up just to mix things up a bit from the typical dart games. This game mixes the play styles of x01 (301, 501, etc) and Cricket with the ability to gain side points to buy out marks for the first half of the game. The advantage of this game, with players that are not on the professional level, is that if you have an off night then you are able to redeem yourself some with gaining side points to help with closing out the Cricket numbers. How To Play: It is up to you and your party to decide who goes first. Typically I will splash the board to see who goes first by taking 2 darts and throwing them at the same time. Highest to lowest points determines turn order. The first half of the game is played like the typical Cricket game. If you hit numbers 15 through 20 or Bullseye then you place a mark on the number you hit. Three marks will close the number out and you are done with that number. The difference between normal Cricket and