Problem With iCloud | | Scyanide Chatter
I love Apple's services and I love to embrace them as much as I can. However, they definitely are not without their own issues. File storage is an interesting one with iCloud. With many of the file sharing and storage cloud based services out there we are presented with a typical file system structure. Drop all your folders/files into one folder and it'll sync across all your devices that use the same service. You browse your files and open a file with whatever appropriate software you have installed to view the file. iCloud is a bit different and I think it suffers heavily because of it. With iCloud you don't have an open file system, but more of a closed system. It is more application centric rather than file centric. Each application creates its own little file system in which you open and edit files within that application only. So yes, you can store files on iCloud so long as you have the application to store the files. The problem with this approach is that you are now limited