I Need More iFriends | | Scyanide Chatter
Yes, you read that correctly. iFriends. More specifically I need more friends or people I know using iPhones. Better yet, Apple needs to open up and build applications for people to take advantage of the several services they offer. I'm tired of having an empty iMessages history. Tired of only having one friend who can use FaceTime with me. I'm tired of having no one to share photo streams with. Apple offers amazing services, but unless you and your circle of friends and family own Apple products you really don't get to use these amazing services. We've heard Tim Cook saying that Apple is not opposed to building their iCloud serviced products for other platforms, including Android. However, we all know that Apple never will. But why? I can't say for the millions of users that use BBM if those services were always open and on other platforms or if that is a recent happening. I can say though Google has shown heavy growth of their services by putting their services on almost every