Midlands Home Prices, Sales Slide In September | South Carolina Real Estate News
October 21, 2008By Kristy Eppley Rupon - The State Columbia-area home prices slipped significantly for the first time since the housing downturn hit the Columbia area earlier this year.And sales dropped 8.4 percent in September, compared to the same month last year, putting the Midlands on pace to finish the year with a double-digit loss.Still, the sales decline in September was much smaller than the month before when sales tumbled a year-high 29 percent over the previous year.The median home price - the point in the market where half the homes sold for more and half for less - dropped nearly 9 percent to $135,000 for September. But it is holding steady at $146,000 on the year. Until recently, prices have remained above year earlier figures.ARTICLE SHORTENED DUE TO LENGTH....LINK TO ARTICLE HERE: