Chocolate Football Cake
Today we're making a football shaped chocolate SNICKERS® cake to celebrate national chocolate cake day and the NFL playoffs! We're having a big football party to celebrate the Super Bowl and I know this cake will be a hit! You can make this cake for birthdays and other occasions of course! Anyone who loves the sport will love this chocolate football cake! Chocolate Football Cake We'll need a whole mess of ingredients, but the first thing I did was buy a football shaped cake pan. You can easily do this without a football cake pan by using a round cake pan and stripping out a strip of cake, about 2 or 3 inches, from the middle of the circle and sliding the cake together to create a football shape. I just have a thing for novelty pans, I think they're cool! Anyways, let's get to the recipe! Enjoy! This recipe is more akin to a pound cake, so it will take a bit longer to bake than a box cake mix, and you should watch it closely. It is a little tricky baking a pound-like cake in a regular