3,5 years in hell, a beginning to the end |
It was the late fall, and my maternity leave was coming to an end. The leave had been wonderful and I had enjoyed it, but now I had started training Frigga into going to day care. Just around the corner my job was waiting. I was a prison guard, and for the most parts I was good at it. And I liked it. It was a safe job, no unemployment in the area, and being hired by the Danish state has some descent benefits. Day # -2: Saturday I remember that weekend very well. The whole of Saturday my moods had been poor. I did not have any energy, and just the thought of any kind of responsibility knocked me off my feet. This day was way worse than what I had experienced in recent years. But at the same time it wasn't new. I've had it before, but this time i had lost control. That said i managed my way through the day, and I hoped for a better day to come. Day # -1: Sunday I think that sunday morning - until that day - was the worst I have ever felt I my life. For 3 straight hours I was