Our Favorite ‘Look' for Interiors this Christmas – 2015 | Consumer & Design Trend Forecasting
As we head into December have you decided how to dress your shop window for Christmas 2015? Do you know how the Christmas Lunch table will be dressed in your home? What will the 'look' be that you create in your hotel or restaurant? If you're someone who hasn't yet decided maybe this idea will help. Thinking about the Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 design trends we think that the one below is our favorite; in fact we've already seen many retailers use this color palette and it looks #SOCool. We see a handcrafted look that takes inspiration from nature in a neutral and metallic palette. Gold and silver tonal embellishments make it a rustic but luxurious style for Christmas tableware, decorations, windows and the all important Tree! Consider sequin table cloths, glitter rimmed glasses and wood textured graphics to add to the rusticity with greater emphasis on the mixing of cold and warm metallics. The color palette is quite stunning, very quiet, extremely glamorous and very 'Christmassy'! It