Castles Made of Sand : Jimi Hendrix in Essaouira - Sannyassa
The scant information above regarding Jimi Hendrix' trip to Essaouira in 1969 appears to be true; subsequent events are a little open to interpretation. The most incredible myths appear to centre on the small village of Diabat, 3 kilometres south of Essaouira next to the Oued ( river ) Ksob. Here a ruined Sultan's palace continues to deteriorate in the sand dunes and directly opposite, in the village, a cafe ( perhaps once a hotel ) celebrates Hendrix with many paintings of him. Legends improbably suggests he stayed in Diabat for as many as the entire 11 nights of his stay in Essaouira with a local woman called Aicha and wrote his famous song Castles Made of Sand about the Sultan's Palace. These stories are untrue.