Where To Buy Damaged Cars From Insurance Companies
Where Do Those Cars Go? A lot of people have the unfortunate experience of being in fender-benders. Fortunately, in most cases, drivers and passengers end up personally unharmed. Many times, insurance companies "write off" the car, declaring it a total loss. You may think it's repairable, but the insurance company decides that the repair cost is too close to the actual value of the car. You, or someone close to you, might have been in this situation. The car suffered some damage that looked fixable. You think you yourself could fix it! But the insurance company called it a total loss. Ever wonder what happens to these cars? Insurance companies sell them at specialty auctions that are usually limited to dealers and wholesalers. The secret is, you too can buy damaged cars from insurance auctions. You Too Can Get Into Insurance Auctions To Buy Damaged Cars! Damaged Nissan 350Z Before Auction Traditionally, these insurance auctions were places [...]