Should I Buy A Salvage Car For Parts At Auction?
It happens to a lot of us. You absolutely love your current car. It gets you to work and back, and is great fun to drive on the odd road trip. It has been reliable, despite being old enough to be out of warranty. But one day, it has a catastrophic failure or sustains a fair amount of damage. Your insurance doesn’t cover the damage or it has a high deductible. Whether it’s a trashed interior, the engine seizing up, or torn bodywork on the front end, you are looking at a sizable bill for parts and labor. If you want to keep the car, here is an affordable solution: buy a salvage car for parts you will use to repair it. Labor And Car Parts Are Expensive Start with labor. If you are mechanically inclined or a serious hobbyist you could save a lot of money by doing the repair work yourself. Or you might have a friend or trusted mechanic who could do this for you. If you have solved the labor problem, there is still the parts. Cars from the past 20 or so [...]