Salvage Title Cars -10 Reasons Why A Car Is Deemed Salvage – Part 2
And we are back with the second part of the “10 Reasons Why Cars Get A Salvage Title” list. We hope this helps our readers to have a better understanding of salvage cars (and salvage vehicles in general), before closing the deal on something they like. Knowing the reason a salvage car got a salvage title will help you save money when you decide to repair it. It will also help you go straight to the source of the problem, saving you a lot of time. Also, if you want to buy a salvage title car for parts only, having the knowledge of where those parts came from will increase the probability of getting better quality parts. This is just one of the reasons a car will get a salvage title 6- Nature Strikes Back. The Dealership Is The Victim Yep, natural disaster chooses no victim. Cars will get salvage titles even if they were on the dealer’s lot during a natural disaster, even if the damages weren’t great or no damages at all. [...]