Salvage Car – How To Get The Perfect One For Your Kid (Or Anyone, Really)
Who can ever forget their first car? I know I wish I could. If I had better guidance or a little more knowledge 15 years ago, I bet my opinion about my first vehicle would be different. Way different. Let’s look at all the factors that made me choose my Fiat back in the day: High mileage- CheckOlder model - CheckNo fancy stuff (yep, not even AC) - CheckClean title - Check Bear in mind, all those choices were made in order to get the lowest price possible and have the vehicle paid in full already. I didn’t want to owe anybody. At least that choice was smart. Italian Salvage - Just One of Fiat's Models All the money I spent afterward trying to keep my car working, and new issues I kept finding along the way and had to repair. Every time I regretted making the choices that got me that car in the first place. They say that ignorance is bliss. Not if you have to pay for your own ignorance for years to come, it isn’t. My Old Self [...]