Repairable vs. Nonrepairable Title Salvage Car
Repairable And Nonrepairable Salvage Car Titles When shopping for salvage cars for sale there is a very important distinction. Some salvage cars are repairable, but others are not. In general, a car that has been written off is deemed salvage, and the title is issued or marked as such for any future buyers. Some of the reasons that may give a vehicle a salvage title include collision damage, flooding, theft, hail, etc. For example, Oregon defines an Oregon Salvage Title Certificate as a “legal document that indicates the vehicle was totaled, wrecked, dismantled, stolen, or abandoned. It also indicates ownership of the vehicle.”. Why Do Cars Have Norepairable Salvage Title? Some salvage cars are titled ”non-repairable". The State of California DMV defines it as “a vehicle that has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap metal, and which the owner irreversibly designates solely as a source of parts or scrap metal." You are [...]