Find Salvage Saab Cars At Insurance Auctions
93 900 Convertible Saab Cars And Their Enthusiasts Saab is the much-beloved Swedish car manufacturer that went out of business in 2011. That was only two years after parent company General Motors, in the middle of its own bankruptcy, sold it to an investment group. The Scandinavian carmaker had a reputation for solid engineering and quirky designs. This was the first brand to introduce headlight wipers and heated seats as standard equipment. 9-3 Convertible The brand has cult status in the United States with a loyal and dedicated fan base. There are a good number of Saab's on the road in North America and a parts network. Enthusiasts can own several cars. For the Saab fan that wants to add another car, there is a great option. They can find salvage Saab cars at insurance auctions. Why Salvage Saab Make Sense 86 900 Saab Convertible These are cars that insurance companies have written off due to collision, theft, flood, hail, [...]