Damaged Cars – Hurricane Season Is The Perfect Time For Them
If you have been a reader of this blog, you know we have approached the reasons damaged cars get that title quite often. And although most reasons are just as important, cars deemed salvage due to floods and hurricanes need a little extra attention. With hurricane Dorian out of the way, hurricane season still has a lot of surprises to come. The trail of damage on hurricanes’ paths takes a toll on the population and their properties, especially their homes and vehicles. Hurricane-Damaged Cars Cost a Fraction Of The Price Be aware of the date the damaged car received the salvage title. That “fateful” date may coincide with thunderstorms and hurricanes. That’s really important to know because some places will hide the true reason a vehicle was deemed salvage: floods. Stay Safe! The Number Of Damaged Cars Due To Hurricanes Is Huge Every Year! Each year, hundreds of thousands of damaged cars are written off as total losses after each [...]