Best Salvage Cars Under Five Thousand Dollars
Kelley Blue Book Best Cars Under $5,000 The listicle is a "short-form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, but is fleshed out with sufficient copy to be published as an article". You may recognize this type of article as one of the "Top Ten" lists that are widely shared on social media. There is a common "listicle" that appears on car sites and news magazines. We will call it "the best cars for under 5,000 dollars." Where car writers recommend the best-used cars you can buy for under five thousand dollars. Here are examples from US News and World Report (Best Used Cars Under $5,000 Dollars), Kelley Blue Book (10 Best Used Cars Under $5,000) and AutoBlog (Picks For The Best $5,000 Dollar Cars) New And Used Cars Are Expensive! In 2018, according to Kelly's Blue Book, the average American new car was 34,742 dollars. The average used car was 20,000 dollars with a 400 dollar monthly payment, according to analysts from Edmunds [...]