Who's Your Daddy | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
WARNING: I tend to use the "n-word" in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn't for you! "Please, sweetheart...please don't kick me out." I peeked around the corner and saw my dad on his knees in front of my mom and her new boyfriend. My mother was a beautiful middle aged woman who could easily get any man she could ever want. God only knows why she's just now deciding to be with this horrible new black boyfriend she found. My mom and dad recently took a trip down to Jamaica for some time off together. I have no idea what exactly happened down there, but my mother came back with a huge muscular black man that she insists on always being around. I stared over towards the door as my father started to cry. "I...I'll do anything for you two. Just please don't end this." My mother leaned down, picked up my father's suitcase, and threw it at him. "I'm sorry, honey...but I know what I want now." This only caused my father to cry even more. The