The Making Of A Ponyslave (4/16) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A story written by Pete Brown (Part 4 of 16). (Here you can find all the parts of this story. | Illustration by Theo Blaze) TRANSPORTATION The three of us had been in the cage for some time, and gradually the other cages in the row were being emptied as guards came and took away their naked occupants. Finally, our turn must have come, because the cage door was unlocked and we were shepherded out, along a set of corridors, and out on to what was obviously a loading bay. There were a number of light trucks drawn up, and drivers in regular delivery driver uniforms standing around. It just looked like a parcels depot back home, but the only merchandise being moved here was slaves - as well as us standing there, there were some blacks, and a couple of women - I guess they must have been at different auctions held later in the day, as the one I had been sold at was exclusively for white men. The dispatcher came up, holding a clipboard, and looked at the numbers that were still showing on
Pete Brown