Steve Buys A Slave (9) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A story written by Pete Brown (Part 9 of 30). (Here you can find all the parts of this story.) I drove home, very conscious of the fact that I must smell of sex - I wasn’t particularly worried though, as Mrs Williams would be in the kitchen preparing dinner and the wonderful smells that emanated from there would certainly mask it. I could shower before I needed to collect dad, and if Reb realised what I’d been doing, so much the better. Reb was lying by the pool, and I was gratified to see that he was lying there naked and had respected my desire to start to eliminate his tan line. “Come with me - we need to find you more suitable clothes for this evening.” I walked off as you know it’s part of my strategy to do so without waiting or looking back, as it ‘conditions’ the slave to understand that I have an expectation of his obedience. I was annoyed therefore when I got to the rear entrance to see that Reb was not ‘at heel’ as he’d run into the gym, and was now emerging wearing the
Pete Brown