Steve Buys A Slave (10) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A story written by Pete Brown (Part 10 of 30). (Here you can find all the parts of this story.) As we’d required him to put on the cuffs and Jake had then shackled his wrists to his collar, Reb had at first stood there silently. But as Jake went on to explain to me why we were doing it Reb looked less and less happy, and finally when Jake mentioned the word ‘rape’ he started to shout and scream. He even accused me of being a fag! Jake picked up the cane and handed it to me. “Do you want to silence him with this - some hard strokes across not only his butt but his thighs should silence him.” “No, I don’t want to have to look at the stripes for the next few days - I want him properly coloured up and with a nice unblemished skin so I can show him off to my buddy Bobby when he gets back from vacation - he only has a nigga, and he’s always bragging about what a great dick the guy has, but compared to Reb it’s nothing. And I don’t think that Rastus will ever get to be as good as Reb, either
Pete Brown