Sharing and Learning in a relationship: Pup Pepp and Fur Camaro | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
Pepp & Camaro | 32 & 28 | 6'2'' & 5'8'' | 200 & 185 lbs | New Hampshire (USA) I essentially forbade him from being celibate and told him to get laid. Twitter: @badpepp @camarosgarage Seven: Hi Pepp and Camaro. Thanks for taking some time for us today. You both are a couple with lots of alike interests. But you two also had very different beginnings no? Pepp: My path started with @tallglassofoj plucking me out of the "normie" gay world, and introducing me to a well-established community of puppies and handlers in Atlanta that were eager to help me explore the darker side of the human condition. Naturally, I learned about bondage and domination, but with close guidance from OJ and another rambunctious pup named Leo (@ArmyPup86 on Twitter). I also learned how to create a scene, how to enter and maintain headspace, and how to enjoy that with someone else. I also found out that I enjoyed throwing chaos into the mix, and defying what I guess is considered the "old Guard"