I Hate My Master (2/11) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 2 of 11 Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze. "Wake up slave." Chris said, I did. "Yes Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from." "Enough of that, just 'Master' now." "Yes, Master." "Now get up here and slowly worship my cock." I started to crawl up onto the bed, dreading that I would not just be sucking his cock, but 'worshipping' it. "Yes, Master." I put my mouth on his cock and began to slowly move up and down on it, using my tongue to stimulate it. My lips massaged the shaft and head. "Ahh, this is great." Chris said, putting his hands behind his head. "You keep that up I'm going to enjoy it. Don't forget the balls." My mouth was full, but I gurgled "Yes, Master" and kept on. I could really study it now, long and thick with strong veins. I lapped at the balls, sucking the skin, as I couldn't quite get the big things into my mouth together, just one at a time. Chris relaxed and enjoyed my work, and