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A talk with Castrokink about the importance of HUMILIATION. MasterMarc: Hi Castrokink. Great to have you back with us. Today I'll talk with you about humiliation. How important is it to humiliat your slaves and what is the goal of it? Castrokink: Hi Master Marc. I'm thrilled to speak with you again. As is the case for any form of kinky play for me, the goal of humiliation is to further drive a boy into a submissive state. When a boy feels humiliated, the power differential between dom and sub increases. As to how important it is, that all depends on what drives a boy. What are his fantasies? What internal place does he want to go to? There are some boys for whom humiliation doesn't do anything or for whom it has the opposite effect. For those, humiliation is generally not part of my play. It's good to note also that what may be humiliating to one boy may not be humiliating at all to another. For example, some boys feel humiliated just being stripped naked in front of a fully clothed