DomTopDad’s Family Reunion | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
DomTopDad gives us an insight in his last FAMILY REUNION. Hello MasterMarc and a warm hello to your readers and those that follow our family updates on your site. Firstly, we want to congratulate you on the new great look of your site. Our articles look great in the new format and I know how hard you've worked to update and refresh your online magazine. As always its been a very busy time for me and the boys. As they have all flown the nest, getting them here can prove difficult with their work commitments and time spent with their friends. But they do visit when they can. So you can imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to get ALL the boys here together at once. But, we managed it last month. Joshy, Pete and Mark were all able to come for a few days. It was an amazing time. While Mark has settled into the family perfectly, he had yet to meet his brothers. Joshy and Pete have met many times and as you know, Joshy loves his big brother. So it was no surprise that Mark was both