Diary Of Testing My Slave Stephan (Part 2) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A diary written by MasterMarc and Slave Stephan (09.05). Here you can find Part 1. Master: Imprisoned Thursday Yesterday was Wednesday. I visited friends for an hour and a half, while the hog found his residence in the cage. For the first time, the hog was for a short time alone, chained behind iron bars and isolated from the environment. For me this time was a test as to how long the hog could stand the imprisoned loneliness. When I came home from visiting my neighbours, I saw that the piece of mud was enduring the loneliness very well. That was what he told me also before, that he was looking forward to be locked away for the time he was not needed. Nevertheless I wanted to make sure that he really could stand it, because on Thursdays I had to work the whole day. The night he spent chained beside the bed on the floor. Shortly before 8:00 a. m. the hog had to be ready to lick me and give me a blowjob and to serve me a coffee afterwards. I actually never had breakfast, but