Diary Of Testing My Slave Stephan (Part 1) | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
A diary written by MasterMarc and Slave Stephan (09.05). 10 years ago a 19yo boy, who has had the desiere to become a permanent slave, has visited me for a test. I was really sceptical but I've invited him. It was an intense week and of course if i read it again now, I have also see how I have changed and developed myself. In some points I would say, that I would never do that again in the way I've done it many years ago and other points show me, that my philosophy about SM hasn't changed a lot. It is also nice to see that 10 years ago to live SM was also possible with less professional equipment and no own dungeon. SM is not about toys and playrooms, it is about the guys who are living the lifestyle. I've posted this article many years ago but some days ago I've found old pictures of this test and that is the reason, why I am posting it again. The interesting thing is, that you can read the diary I have written as master and also the diary the slave has written at the same time. I