Deprivation & Dehumanization By Duct Tape Hoods | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
MasterMarc: Hi Dexter. Some of our readers probably know you by your nickname "theDarkContainer" as you used to do your sessions in a shipping container. We really have to talk about this special location a little later but first you have really to tell us, what are you into and when have you done your first steps into the kinky world? Dexter: My very first steps into the world of kink came in 2001 when I lived in London, England. A good friend ran the SM Gays nights at The Hoist in Vauxhall and I had started playing with a guy who wanted to investigate mummification. So me and this guy went along to some of my friend's SM Gays Discovery nights together and we later practised on each other with full body duct tape mummification at his flat. Shortly after that my partner at the time started regular meets with a ropework top and that sparked my interest in bondage with rope. I don't do much full body mummification these days but duct tape hoods are still one of my "trademarks" in my play