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BOYNAPPED'S PORN NEWS - 27/18 Summer is hot in Spain. Even more if you're wrapped in plastic film and the Boynapped crew is again in production. For the first time ever they are doing also scenes with a FEMALE TO MALE transgender. Olly Jackson is a cute young man, who has a man's chest but still a vagina. It seems that it has been a lot of fun to work with him. As sadOsam team we are really curious how the scenes will be and how you as audience will like it. We are quite sure, Olly will have success, or what does the boss Sebastian Kane think? Sebastian Kane: Making the decision to hire Olly Jackson was the easy part! The real challenge was creating scenes for him that took into account his very unique aesthetic. While Olly is a handsome young man, he comes with a whole new set of rules for the BoyNapped team. He made us realise how much we rely on… well, erections! Meaning we had to go right back to the drawing board on how we do our scenes. Working on what