Bottom Boy's Pubics: Natural, Cropped or Shaved? | sadOsam - gay fetish magazine
Do you like pubic hair or do you prefer your boy shaved and smooth? In this point opinions often diverge. I have to say, that I love them smooth as they are even more naked and exposed, if they are totally shaven. For me body hair is a natural protection and to eliminate it makes the slaves even more "vulnerable" and delivered to his master. Often I say that body hair is a privilege of tops, the real man, and that slaves and pussyboys should be smooth. But I know, this is just my opinion and there are also cultural differences. You can see a lot of clean-shaven bottoms in North America and Central Europe but most of the boys in Asia are wearing pubic hair. Set Slave (Thailand): In Asia body hair is a symbol of manliness and adulthood and people wouldn't see you as real man if they can see you naked and shaven. And as Asians aren't as hairy as Europeans and Americans it is not so dominant. Myself i love to be shaven. It looks cleaner! But of course also hairy bottoms can be