Women and the Priesthood: Some Points
The following is a guest post from Hyrum Grissom. Recently the concept of women and the priesthood has seemed to get much attention and spur much conversation and frankly contention. Most recently I saw an article that humorously attempted to address the concept, and was met with a massive response. It seemed to generate quite a bit of heat, from those proposing the idea, as well as those who are frustrated by it. Finally several sisters of the Ordain Women organization have again stated a plan to attempt to enter the Priesthood Session of General Conference in Utah if they were not given tickets, which resulted in a response from the Churches Public Relations Department written by a Sister Jessica Moody. A basic summary of which is that, "Ordination of women to the priesthood is a matter of doctrine that is contrary to the Lord's revealed organization for His Church." While Sister Moody responds firmly and clearly on behalf of the church, her platform is not one of responding to