Things For Mormons to Remember in Our Post-Election World
I recently reshared this article from Feminist Mormon Housewives on Google+. Trying to help add a little humor and encourage people to chill out, seemed to backfire generally. In addition to the over 400 comments that article received, I got quite a few (for me) on my Google+ post. I thought it appropriate to post my response here, where others could read as well. I merely wanted to go through some points that so many LDS people seem to forget quickly when something as small in the eternal scheme of things, as a single US election, doesn't go the way they wanted it: Jesus taught a doctrine of optimism, faith, hope, Charity, and love, and so do his modern prophets. I feel very little love, hope, faith, etc, in most of the posts that I've seen coming from many of my conservative Mormon friends. In fact (I hate to use these words, but I don't know how else to describe it), I feel mostly fear, hatred, doubt, despair, and even a lot of fear-mongering. As such, I feel that regardless of the